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Dreamfields Pasta


We believe eating healthy should empower, never oppress. And we believe in the importance of pasta – we know it’s a big part of your life, and your family’s life, too. That’s why with Dreamfields, you won’t miss the taste, texture and color of traditional pasta. So you and your loved ones ones can savor the premium pasta taste you already enjoy.

Keep pasta night a family staple with seven popular shapes and some inspiration from our nourishing Dreamfields recipes.


Featured Recipes

Liven up your healthy eating routine with featured recipes from the Dreamfields Kitchen and our partners.


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7 Shapes

Our Pastas



dreamfields pasta spaghetti in a box

Penne Rigate

dreamfields pasta penne rigate in a box

Angel Hair

dreamfields pasta angel hair in a box


dreamfields pasta Linguine in a box

A shape for every dish

Made for the meals you already love.

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