Healthy Carb Living


Bring pasta back into your life

We want to support your healthy eating plans by helping you eat what you love with those you love even more. With 5g of plant-based fiber in every serving, our pasta serves as the satisfying foundation to wholesome meals that bring everyone together.

Keep reading for ways you can keep pasta in your healthy lifestyle with Dreamfields.

Eating well with Dreamfields Pasta



Portion Up

A satisfying helping of pasta is about one cup of cooked noodles per serving. This gives you 5g of plant-based fiber. Dreamfields Pasta can be part of healthy lifestyle – without sacrificing the satisfying texture and flavor of traditional pasta.


Add Veggies

Eating healthy goes hand-in-hand with eating your veggies. They provide extra nutrients and fiber to every dish, plus they add incredible flavor and variety to your meals. Switch it up with seasonal produce to keep things exciting.


Eat Lean

Lean protein keeps you feeling satisfied for longer. Add lean meats like fish and chicken to your pasta dishes to amp the flavor and texture. You can easily add plant-based proteins to make delicious vegetarian dishes, as well.


Dreamfields Pasta can be part of a healthy diet


Exceptional Taste

With Dreamfields, you won’t miss the taste, texture and color of traditional pasta you’ve come to love.

5 grams of fiber

Fiber is an important part of healthy eating – that’s why each serving of Dreamfields has 5g of plant-based fiber.

Prebiotic Power

Our pasta is made with inulin, sourced from chicory root, which helps promote healthy digestion and overall gut health.

Supports Your Lifestyle

The low-sodium and low-fat recipe tastes great.